Let me fill your world with magical candlelight
Hi! I’m Chrystel the candle Chandler and owner of Wax & Flame.

I specialise in creating classic beeswax candlesticks using traditional chandlery (candle making) skills. I’m passionate about keeping the lost art of hand dipped candles alive. These age old methods, combined with the raw beauty of natural beeswax, produce elegant taper candles which are a joy to use.

My wax studio is my happy place. Using my tailor made dipping frames I gently submerge each cotton wick over and over again until a beautifully formed candlestick takes shape. It’s an extremely calm and meditative process producing a clean burning, long lasting and drip free candle.

I believe something magical happens when a room is decorated with candlelight. The hypnotic dancing of a real flame has been a comfort to humans for thousands of years, yet lighting is often neglected in interior design. With their natural golden hue and bright light, beeswax candles easily work in any home decor by instantly adding a touch of luxury and warmth. Nothing can compare to the raw connection felt when burning authentic beeswax candles.

If you’d like to get in touch you can contact me using the form below.

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